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August 2011 | MY SETTINGS
Strategies for Success
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Do you need a social media policy?

Faxes, then email, and now social media.

Like it or not, social media has quickly evolved into one of the main forms of business communication. No longer is it just for college students to update their friends on where they are hanging out. Almost every corporation is active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

But this evolution comes with a lot of challenges. Should your employees be allowed to use social media at work? How will you control what they say? And how will you manage the legal risks?

Today, we are very pleased to share a really informative article that will show you why you need a social media policy and what needs to be included.

And when you are ready to craft your own social media policy, take a look at this collection of social media policies from organizations all over the globe.

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The average cost for health insurance benefits was $2.12 per hour worked in private industry (7.5 percent of total compensation) in March 2011.

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