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Make HR Strategic
Managing "Slowth"

Our economy and workforce are expanding so slowly, it's like watching a tortoise climb a hill. Here are 10 statistics your business needs to know to manage slow growth in the months ahead.

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NO: Say it More

In your personal and professional life, saying "No" may make you uncomfortable--but it can also make you a lot happier.

Just Say No!
NO: Say it More
Always Giving Orders? You're Not a Great Leader
Leadership Tip of the Month: Always Giving Orders? You're Not a Great Leader

Micromanaging is a waste of your time. It teaches "learned helplessness" and prevents employees from growing their skills and confidence.

To eliminate the need to tell people what to do so often, start asking questions--instead of giving answers. Lead employees through the thought process of developing their own solutions. You'll get out of the order-giving business, build a more self-sufficient staff and get back more time.

Another way to reclaim productive time? Offloading non-essential or repetitive tasks. Call Here's Help Staffing and Recruiting for experienced support personnel who can free you to focus on your top priorities.

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