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Talent Hoarding and Employee Retention Are Two Different Things

We know what employee retention is, right?! It’s the organization’s ability to keep employees. There’s another term being discussed right now when it comes to keeping employees. It’s called talent hoarding. I’m sure we can all empathize with the delight a manager feels when they find an absolutely fantastic employee.
But if the thought has crossed your mind to keep that employee a secret from the rest of the company, let me assure you that talent hoarding is not the answer.

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Hot HR Trends in 2023: What You NEED to Know?

It may still be winter, but these trends are already heating up HR in 2023!

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Gone for Good in 2023? Why Great Employees Leave - And How To Keep Them

Has the Great Resignation lost its steam – or will you need to work even harder
to make employees stay? Get the facts and practical advice you need!

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Using Gig Workers? Know the Risks

Companies that hire gig workers from online platforms, do so at their own risk. Here's how using gig workers in the wrong ways can cost your company dearly - and what companies can do instead.

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BOO! Job Posting Mistakes That Scare Off Great

Many companies scare away top candidates without realizing that they've done so. If your job postings make these mistakes, you're probably missing out on top talent. Here's how to spot and fix top job posting errors - and how to attract top talent instead.

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