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Nobody's Going to Apply to THAT Job...

Job postings attracting deadbeats (or no one at all)? Let's fix that! Learn how to write postings that really stand out -- and get better applicants, every time.

Onboarding? Who needs THAT?!?

Just show them where their work space is, toss 'em a pen, and send your new hire off to the races.

The Smartest Managers Hire People Who Are Smarter Than Them

Nobody's an expert at EVERYTHING -- business is simply too complex and fast changing! Whether you engage them for an assignment or hire them full time, here's how to effectively manage people with more experience or knowledge than you -- and make yourself, your team and your company even more successful.

Texting Interviews -- Do They Really Work?

Dr. John Sullivan explains why that little smartphone in your hand is the next big thing in interviewing. Skeptical? Then read this.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

The U.S. gender wage gap may be narrower than ever, but it's still over DOUBLE the size of other industrialized nations'.

Missing the (Recruiting) Mark? Myths About Millennials

They're tech-obsessed. Entitled. Disloyal. REALLY? If you're recruiting millennials (or other generations) based on stereotypes, you may be missing out on great talent.

Tips for Recruiting in a Zero-Attention-Span World

From sharing "snackable" content to live streaming, here are seven fresh ideas for recruiting your next generation of talent.

April Fools: How NOT to get fooled in the hiring process

As competition in the job market has increased, so has candidates' temptation to stretch the truth on their resumes. Many job seekers have been scanning and scraping for work much longer than they're used to. Out of desperation, they'll do almost anything to get an edge on other candidates--including outright lying.

Salary Plans: What compensation plan is best for your business?

The following outlines the pros and cons of three of the most popular rewards based compensation plans. These plans offer compensation that is based on the skills and performance of an individual employee--rather than creating a benchmark salary for certain positions within your organization.

To Ask, or Not to Ask? Legal alternatives to illegal interview questions

Most hiring managers would love to ask revealing (although, unfortunately, illegal) questions when interviewing job candidates. But as we all know, asking improper interview questions can lead to discrimination or wrongful-discharge lawsuits. So how do you get the information you need without putting your company at risk?
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